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DIY Floral Midi Skirt

This sewing tutorial teaches you how to make the perfect midi skirt that’s flattering on any shape and adds class to your wardrobe. Midi skirts hit right at mid-calf, meaning this skirt looks great...


Winter Fashion Trends For 2016-2017

Fashion weeks are more than over and this implies we have the full list of the winter season 2016-2017 fashion trends fresh off the runway that trigger such vibrant ideas and desires. We saw...

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Basics of Sewing Video

If you have never made your own dress or even patched a shirt, review our favorite sewing for beginners video. It’s a great guide to get you started sewing and soon you may be...

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How You Can Purchase Fabrics Online

For a lot of us, there isn’t really a place nearby to go in person to see some of the truly great materials that are available on fashion blog sites or Flickr. It can...

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Sewing Glossary

Many of our customers sew their own dresses, scarfs, clothes and even upholstery. For those of you just attempting to sew your first item, this reference of sewing terms will come in handy.    ...

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Dresses for Your Body Type

Here is a great infographic guide to selecting the right dress for your body type. Remember that selecting the right fabric from AALA can make all the difference in making a fashion statement.

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How To Make Your Own Dress

There are a lot of creative outlets that you can pursue today. One of the great options that you’ll no doubt want to look into is sewing and making your own dresses. Sewing can...